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sandude logo

Our Story

Sandude Brewing Co. became a vision in 2009. First lesson brewing with a friend and owner/brew master John Freitas was hooked. Vacations and weekend getaways always leads him and his wife Janette to California beaches. Sipping suds and thoughts of the coast are the inspiration behind his unique labels on his brews and packaging. Sand, surf, sunset and Beer!

“Feeling like you’re at the beach never gets old!"  


Around the Brewery


The Brewer

Owner and brew master John Freitas’ main mission is to produce fine ales and lagers to market in restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

John retired from being a general contractor and time was his. Little did he know hanging out with a buddy brewing would lead to his next dream of owning a craft brewery. Leave a mark is his motto. His passion for creating and his keen palate is evident when it comes to his styles of brews. His first recipe Shades of Amber was a marketable beer his friends encouraged him. By 2011 it was in 6 local restaurants and it is the flagship beer for Sandude.